Japanese Language (Levels A1, A1.2, B1, B1.2)

Last Update 10 October 2023
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About This Course

Welcome to the Japanese Language Course: Your Gateway to Proficiency!

We are delighted to introduce our Japanese language course, meticulously crafted to guide you from the fundamentals to an intermediate level of fluency. This comprehensive course aims to equip you with essential language skills, enabling effective communication in Japanese across diverse situations, from everyday conversations to more complex contexts.

Course Overview: Our program provides a structured and immersive learning experience, focusing on enhancing your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in Japanese. Starting from basic elements and advancing to intermediate levels, this course ensures a seamless and comprehensive understanding of the Japanese language.

What Sets Our Course Apart:

  1. Structured Learning Path: Our curriculum follows a carefully structured learning path, allowing for a smooth progression from basic to intermediate levels. Each module builds on your existing knowledge, ensuring steady and confident growth in your language proficiency.
  2. Real-Life Communication Skills: Beyond theoretical knowledge, our course emphasizes practical communication. Engage in immersive conversational practices, enabling confident interactions in everyday scenarios and nuanced conversations in complex contexts.
  3. Cultural Immersion: Language learning is intertwined with culture. Our course offers rich cultural immersion, exploring Japanese traditions, history, art, literature, and social norms, providing a profound understanding of Japanese society.
  4. Interactive and Engaging Sessions: Learning is most effective when it’s interactive and engaging. Our classes are dynamic and participatory, encouraging active involvement. Interactive activities, group discussions, multimedia resources, and real-life simulations enrich your learning experience.
  5. Expert Guidance: Experienced instructors, passionate about teaching Japanese, provide personalized feedback. Addressing your unique challenges and fostering your strengths, they guide you toward linguistic excellence.


Learning Objectives

Everyday Conversations: Develop the ability to engage in daily conversations, from greetings and shopping to social interactions and tourism.
Listening Comprehension: Enhance your skills in understanding spoken Japanese across different accents and real-life situations.
Written and Oral Expression: Improve your ability to write emails, messages, and participate in meaningful conversations in Japanese.
Japanese Culture and Etiquette: Explore Japanese culture, including festivals, customs, cuisine, art, and social norms.
Business and Travel Preparedness: Acquire vocabulary and phrases for travel and business situations in Japan.

Target Audience

  • Our Japanese language course is tailored for individuals with specific learning objectives and diverse backgrounds, including:
  • Absolute Beginners: Those with no prior knowledge of Japanese, starting their language learning journey from scratch.
  • Japanese Culture Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about anime, manga, samurai history, and traditional Japanese culture, aspiring to learn the language for deeper cultural insights.
  • Academic Students: Students requiring basic or intermediate Japanese language skills for academic pursuits or research interests.
  • Film and Entertainment Professionals: Individuals working in the film and entertainment industry, wishing to learn Japanese to expand their professional opportunities.
  • Travelers and Travel Enthusiasts: Those planning to visit Japan, desiring linguistic skills for a more immersive travel experience.


87 Lessons5h 17m

Topic 1

Lesson 100:6:2
Lesson 200:2:75
Lesson 300:2:29
Lesson 400:00:14
Lesson 500:6:20
Lesson 600:00:45
Lesson 700:00:23
Lesson 800:2:21
Lesson 900:00:59
Lesson 1000:2:17
Lesson 1100:00:21
Lesson 1200:2:55
Lesson 1300:00:36
Lesson 1400:3:13
Lesson 1500:2:05
Lesson 1600:2:4
Lesson 1700:00:14
Lesson 1800:1:29
Lesson 1900:00:27
Lesson 2000:2:28
Lesson 2100:00:25
Lesson 2200:2:15
Lesson 2300:1:37

Topic 2

Topic 3

Topic 4

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